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Real Estate Marketing Using Drones?

Whether selling property through the owner or an agency, high-resolution pictures from flattering angles are crucial. Now more than ever, property sellers are taking pictures of homes to the next level with drone footage, and it’s creating a massive difference. If your house remains on the market longer than anticipated, chances are you do not have appealing footage of your home. At Maverick Marketing, we provide the best photography and drone footage solutions for your real estate needs. Read below to learn the benefits of drone photography for selling your next piece of property.

What is drone photography?

Real estate drone photography uses unmanned aircraft systems to gather aerial footage of a home. This type of photography provides a unique perspective and showcases features left out of traditional property photography. Drones take both pictures and videos using a high-quality 4K camera. Many real estate drone photographers take pictures of more than the land for sale. Nearby trails, swimming pools and restaurants make great footage auditions to give a buyer a feel of all the home has to offer.

Why use drones?

Using drones gives your buyer a new way to experience a potential future home, increasing the home’s salability. Some potential buyers live a plane ride away from the property they are interested in buying. Drone footage provides them a tour of not only the property but their future town. Homebuyers are also hesitant to tour homes in person due to COVID-19. Drones are the solution to offering a 100% virtual tour of the house. According to RIS Media, “homes sell 68 percent faster when using aerial imagery, and 73 percent of homeowners prefer to list with an agent who uses video.”

What are the alternatives?

Helicopters provide the only other alternative to aerial photography with prices that can be astronomical. Most hobbyist drones can be hard to fly and do not offer the quality of footage acceptable for real estate photography. Choose Maverick Marketing to capture your next real estate aerial footage. Our team of dedicated professionals is excited to make your real estate aerial footage needs become a reality. 



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